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Pre-fabricated double cattle loading ramp

  • 11.5 metres in length with an ‘under and over’ configuration
  • Sheeted sides and walkways on either side conforming to Australian Standards
  • Access gates at the front to allow easy access into the trailer
  • Pre-fabricated at Atlex workshop and transported directly to site for assembly (approximately one day before concrete poured)
  • The complete assembly is bolted together with no on-site welding
  • Base is concreted into the ground for strength and stability with the concrete floor poured on site to form floors for two decks


Pre-fabrication eliminates up to 2 weeks on-site construction time

  • The pre-fabricated double loading ramp will enable Australian Saleyard Industry operators the ability to either redesign their existing setups, knowing the assembly time will not hinder animal movement for weeks at a time, or they can include it in a new design when developing new green field sites
  • The resulting benefit is improved animal welfare with less stress on cattle and truck driver, due to the ease and speed of loading
  • The kit form allows it to be transported Australia wide at minimal cost due to the compact packaging on a rigid tray truck
  • The innovation of the pre-fabricated permanent double loading ramp has reduced construction time with the ease of construction by either the saleyard operator or contractor, with a similar investment of a conventional double loading ramp
  • Since the importance of animal welfare and labour efficiency is critical to the long term viability of the saleyard industry, this prefabricated permanent double loading ramp will make its contribution

Customised Property Sheepyard Design

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