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Light duty height adjustable mobile sheep loading ramp

  • Adjustable height to third deck: easy gradient for sheep and operator
  • 1m high open galvanised rail sides
  • 1.5mm pressed grip floor and 5mm gap between floor and ramp base for drainage
  • 850mm width to allow sheep to easily pass if one stops
  • Easy lifting mechanism geared by brake hoist, holding position when lifting and lowering (same used on quality grain augers)
  • Light duty; easy to manoeuvre into position or move out of way when not in use
  • Single spring axle
  • 14 Inch Holden HT rims
  • Designed to be easily towed by four wheel motorbike or on highways with a 50mm ball
  • Jockey wheel
  • 50x50x3mm RHS frame with 200mm Z purlin to support floor

Customised Sheepyard Design

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