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Heavy duty height adjustable permanent sheep loading ramp


  • Adjustable height from 500mm (tandem trailer) to third deck: easy gradient for sheep and operator
  • 1.6mm flat galvanised sheet sides to 1m height to guide sheep straight up ramp
  • 1.5mm pressed grip floor and 5mm gap between floor and ramp base for drainage
  • 900mm width in line with saleyard ramps and recommended by Livestock Transport Association to allow sheep to easily pass if one stops
  • Blind buffer gates (wings) at the top of ramp and two rigid panels at bottom of ramp to fill gaps as ramp rises
  • Geared brake hoist which holds going up and down and is the same as used on quality grain augers
  • Automatic safety mechanism which supports weight of ramp. Easily released by rotating release bar
  • Non-slip grid-mesh walkway on offside with safety hand and knee rails, and 100mm kick rail for protection
  • Rubber bumpers for trucks at front of ramp
  • Heavy 150mm universal beam (UB) where wheels neatly tun in UB channel and can’t be damage by truck. Strength of the UB protects the ramp
  • Flaps at both ends, including split flap at top, to reduce risk to sheep’s feet

Optional Extras:

  • Lead Up: two 1.1m panels & one 1.2m gate
    • Pipe rail: $748
    • Oval rail: $968
  • Electric hoist – POA

Customised Property Sheepyard Design

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