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Trading Terms

Our business relationship with you is governed by our Trading Terms, as detailed below:

  1. Atlex Stockyards retains the legal right to all goods until paid in full.
  2. The Atlex On Property Design Service is comprehensive and meticulous, and entails an on-site visit by our design specialists, consultation, site survey and CAD design. This service is FREE when you accept our quotation and purchase yards from the agreed design (value of $3,000 or more per site or $10,000 or more per site for feedlots).
  3. The design process is dependent on your co-operation in providing clear written feedback on the draft designs to enable Atlex Stockyards to draw and amend the design/s to reflect your design scope, requirements and expectations. Written feedback with mark up on design should be faxed or emailed to Atlex to speed up the process.
  4. However, if you choose not to proceed or spend less than $3,000 per site (or $10,000 or more per site for feedlots), the fee is $550 incl. GST (or $1,100 incl GST per feedlot site). The plans are yours to keep.
  5. The fee will be invoiced 3 months after the date of your On-Property Design if an order has not already been placed. This fee remains fully refundable if in the future you purchase yards from the design (value of $3,000 or more per site for sheepyards and cattleyards or $10,000 or more per site for feedlots).
  6. In the event where an overdue account is referred to a collection agency and/or law firm, you will be liable for all costs which would be incurred as if the debt is collected in full, including legal demand costs.
  7. Overdue accounts will be subject to interest at the rate of 13% p.a., calculated for the period the account is due until the date it is paid.
  8. A Handling Fee of 20% will apply to any returns as a result of default and Freight Charges will also apply.
  9. A 40% deposit is required, and a signed Agreement to enable the order to be added to the manufacturing schedule and guarantee the price. Any delay in returning the signed agreement and payment of the deposit may affect delivery lead time.
  10. Payment of the balance must reach Atlex at least one business day prior to dispatch from our workshop. When paying by Electronic Transfer, please ensure payment of the balance is made at least one day prior to dispatch and a remittance advice forwarded to our office. Payment by cheque is not recommended but it must be posted at least one week before the proposed dispatch date to ensure there are no delays to delivery. Payment can be made by EFTPOS by phoning the Atlex office.
  11. After customer approval of the design, any further changes made to the layout and design may incur additional production fees.
  12. Site Preparation: The client is required to carefully read G9-3 stockyard site preparation hint sheet to assist you in preparing the site prior to peg out.
  13. It is vital that the site is prepared correctly:
    • Clear of all obstructions (including any old yards not being incorporated, all concrete and mowed)
    • Prepared with gravel that has an even, gentle slope. We recommend a maximum slope of 45mm over 3 metres (or an angle of 1.5%) or less in any direction. Atlex cannot take responsibility for a site with a slop greater than 60mm over 3m (an angle of 2 degrees). We recommend a common-sense approach to suit drainage for your site.
    • In Sheepyards the draft & handling race areas need to be level.
    • In cattleyards the handling race area needs to be level.
    • Cattleyards: the area where the tapered race, crush, draft gates and rotary force if included must be flat. The tapered race and rotary force has all been assembled on level workshop concrete floor prior to delivery. There is almost no tolerance for a slope across the tapered race and rotary force site. The crush must also be flat as this is necessary for scales to work accurately. Some yards may require a levy bank to divert water away.
  14. Delivery/Unloading:
    • Your yards will be delivered on a b-double semi-trailer equipped with a crane. * Please let us know if there will be any access problems
    • Your pallet will be craned off our truck & left close to the construction site (but not on the site).
    • The driver will not need any assistance beyond access to the site.
    • If, however your yards are delivered by other means e.g. ute & trailer, we will require a forklift/front end loader to help unload items from the trailer. Slippers for your forks (extensions approx 1.5m long) are required to make unloading safer.
    • If your forklift/front end loader cannot lift the loaded pallet:
      • The panels/gates will need to be unloaded onto the forks by hand
      • Suitable boards/bearers of approximately 100mmx100mm x 1.2m to place the panels and gates on when unloading. This will make it safer to unload from your forks and prevent any potential damage to panels/gates lying on the ground in the case of wet weather.
      • We require two bearers per 15 panels and gates.
    • The pallet remains the property of Atlex Stockyards and will be collected at a later date once it has been unloaded
  15. Construction:
    • Provided as an option and excludes supply of concrete.
    • This process includes the installation of the Atlex stockyards and labour for concreting of the holes and concrete slab areas as indicated.
    • This is based on the client being able to dig and clean out the 300mm diameter holes, the temporary use of bricks for height adjustment, temporary use of old steel posts for assisting with straight fence lines and supply readymix concrete.
    • We suggest that fibermesh is incorporated with the concrete for the slab work under the drafting and working races for extra strength.
    • Payment for construction is paid directly to the construction contractor on completion.
    • The construction contractor will provide you with forms to sign off your approval at completion of concreting and at the completion of the construction.

Customised Property Sheepyard Design

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