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Customised Cattleyards

Atlex Stockyards has unrivaled industry experience and product development. We will work with you to determine what design options and features will work best for you, both now and into the future. This may include incorporating existing features into your design for a customised, cost effective solution.

All cattleyards are designed and manufactured to order, however a high-quality product and personalised end-to-end service is consistent across the board.

What’s included in your cattleyard investment?

  • On-Property Design Service
  • Computer-aided design (2D and 3D visualisations)
  • High quality, galvanised steel and materials
  • Delivered to your property
  • Holes pegged out for millimetre-precision
  • Comprehensive site preparation and construction guide



Innovative Features of Atlex Cattleyards

Custom-designed cattleyards mean you have the option to incorporate a number of different innovative solutions and features, depending on your unique requirements and budget.

Panels, Gates and Fitting Specifications
  • Panels, Gates and Fitting SpecificationsGalvanised, heavy dute steel for long life and durability
  • Standard pipe rail or oval rail option available:
    • Standard: six rails using 40NB (48OD)
    • Oval: five rails using 120mm x 50mm diameter, 2mm wall thickness
  • Standard height 1.7m for all panels, gates and races
  • All posts are 80NB (89OD), 5.0mm wall thickness, galvanised steel
  • Flat Vertical Straps for additional strength on all 3.3m+ panels/gates in pipe rail
  • Posts concreted into ground 800mm deep
  • All panels and gates are square (not bent) on corners to minimise risk of cattle jumping and potentially breaking leg when wedged at bottom of curve
  • Gates have non-bruise Universal Slam Shut Gate Catches which don’t protrude into bruise areas
  • Pin and chain provided for additional security when cattle held overnight (double gateways have pin and chain only)
  • Stepped on slopes: maximum 60mm over 3 metres or 2 degree angle with all posts vertical and rails horizontal
Tapered Race
  • Prevent cattle turning, saving you time and eliminating frustration
  • Strategically-placed escape gates on outside for safety and in event an animal goes down
  • Sheeting protects animals and people (inside height 1.1m and outside height 1.7m)
  • Standard tapered race 800mm wide (centre to centre of 80NB posts)
Rotary Force
  • Automatic brake prevents cattle turning
  • Operate from walkway, increasing safety
  • Sheeted curved foce yard and rotary force gate eliminates distraction and encourages free flow forwards
  • A 50x50 RHS frame with heavy 1.5mm sheet riveted to frame and 80NB posts
  • Includes overhead braces, one sheeted rotary force gate with brake; sheeted panels (curved and straight) and raised walkway sections
Safety Manway
  • Safety ManwayNo more climbing or jumping, making it easier and safer for people and dogs
  • Gate swing closed automatically
  • Galvanised steel for long life and durability
  • 80NB posts (89mm OD) concreted into ground 800mm deep
Sliding Gates
  • Sliding GatesAvailable in one-way or two-way sliding for flexibility
  • Two roller carriages capable of carrying 450kg
  • Inverted carriage at bottom to prevent dirt blockage or twisting under pressure
Overhead Bracing
  • Overhead BracingAdditional strength on pressure points in round yard and gate ways
  • Minimum 2.3m above ground level
Non-Slip Raised Walkway
  • Non-slip Raised WalkwayNon-slip walkway positioned on inside of working race or rotary force to allow safe access to cattle
  • Minimum 600mm width and raised to 500mm height with concrete surface (to be poured on-site)
  • No handrail for easy jumping on and off
Non-Bruise Universal Slam Shut Gate Catches
  • Don’t protrude past rail into bruise zone, ensuring no damage to animal’s meat or hide
Stockhandling Equipment
  • Stockhandling EquipmentWe provide independent recommendations and can source stockhandling equipment from reputable suppliers in line with your needs – including Warwick Cattle Crush Company, Leicht’s CIA, Gallagher and Tru-Test
  • The lead up is critical to the overall success of stockhandling equipment
  • Our designs provide flexibility, incorporating existing or future stockhandling equipment to ensure it meets you requirements now and into the future

Customised Property Sheepyard Design

For more information - stockyards@atlex.com.au | 1800 805 292